Since 1989, we manufacture:
Carmine E120 from cochineal extract,
in powder or liquid form, in desired concentrations.

Other types of color additives
  • anthocyanins E163
  • red beet E162
  • curcumin E100
  • paprika E160C
  • annatto E160b
  • chlorophylls, copper complexesE141*
  • caramels E150*
    * The color additives are of natural origin without the “natural” label.

Used in: cosmetics, syrups, beers, sodas, pastry, yogurts, ice creams, coating, etc.

Synthetizedcolor additives

Straight ones

  • Azorubine* E122 (85%)
  • Patent blue V E131 (85%)
  • Erythrozine E127 (87%)
  • Indigotine E132 (85%)
  • Quinoline Yellow WS* E104 (70%)
  • Sunset Yellow FCF* E110 (85%)
  • Tartrazine Yellow* E102 (85%)
  • Brillant Black BN E151 (70%)
  • Cochineal Red 4R* E124 (82%)


  • Caramel Brown E132-E124
  • Chocolate Brown E124-E102-E132
  • Egg Yolk E102-E124
  • Orange E110-E124
  • Red E124-E122
  • Angelic Green E102-E131
  • Mint Green E102-E131
  • Pistachio Green E102-E131
  • Purple E122-E131

Outer color additives for cold cuts

  • Alsatian Orange E102-E110-E122-E124
  • Pulvis Yellow E102-E124-E132
  • Bright Red E110-E124
  • Frankfurt Yellow E102-E124-E132

Used in : syrups, sausages, merguez, coatings, drinks, pastries, sweets, etc.

*These color additives might have unwanted side effects on children’s activity and attention span.

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